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The inspiration for creative outlets comes from multiple sources. If you’re a photographer, then naturally you’ll be looking at the work of other shutterbugs. The same goes for writing, painting, creating music, etc. Oddly enough, what inspires you may not come from a similar medium.

Find inspiration where you least expect it.

How would one find inspiration for mobile photography in a 25-year-old book about filmmaking? Sounds odd, right?

But it is true. The book, ‘Rebel Without A Crew’ by Hollywood director, Robert Rodriguez, is a collection of his journals from the time he spent making his first feature film, ‘El Mariachi.’ Rodriguez spent a mere $7,000 to make his feature, and along the way, he tells of the creative ways he was able to make an action movie on a low budget. I read the book once a year. It’s a reminder that art is not made better by having more expensive tools to create it.

What else inspires me?

I enjoy listening to ‘Kind of Blue’ by Miles Davis. The story behind the album is the musicians saw the music for the first time when they got to the recording studio. They were all such pros, and so committed to their art, that they could create such terrific music without having rehearsed.

The impressionist era of the 19th century contains some of my favorite art. Monet is known for his landscapes, but one of my favorite paintings by him is ‘The Red Kerchief.’

Ironically, despite being a painting, it encompasses several different photography guidelines. The subject is framed within a frame. The rule of thirds is observed. It’s a painted portrait but easily could be a photograph.

The next time you feel as though you’re in a creative rut, look elsewhere. Visiting 500px, Flickr and Instagram is always recommended but look outside your area to be inspired.

You’ll be surprised what you find. 

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