Shooting photos with a mobile device will, at times, present challenges. Since most phones come equipped with a fixed focal length, getting wider shots requires moving further back, and close-up shots can only get so close. Thankfully, there are companies like Aukey, creating hardware solutions for iPhone and Android smartphones that give photographers more options.

Aukey: Shoot wide and shoot up close

The Aukey Ora wide-angle and macro lens is combination lens that can be used on any mobile device. It comes with what you see in the image below, including a case, lens cap, cleaning cloth and rear cap for when it is not in use. (Click for full size)

aukey lens case

The wide angle is 120 degrees, and that’s pretty significant. The two images below show the image first taken with my iPhone 6 Plus. The second is with the Aukey Ora attached:

As you can see, there is a lot more in view. The one issue, unfortunately, is that as you get out to the ends of the photo, there is a blurring vignette. To me, that creates somewhat of a distraction. That said, where the wide angle can be very useful is with video, particularly Facetime videos. There is a great channel on YouTube called ‘Think Media TV’ and the host, Sean Cannell, talked about this lens for shooting Facetime videos. Here are two screen captures showing the difference the lens makes. The first is just his iPhone, the second with the Aukey lens:

You can see the blur off to the right, but in the case of shooting video, it won’t matter much.

The macro capability of the Aukey lens is where it really shines. The two images below show a close-up (as close as I can get) and then the macro shot.



Good build and good quality.

That is some excellent detail. Note that when using the macro capability, auto-focus goes away, so you’ll have to move the camera to get it to the sweet spot you want.

The wide-angle issue aside, I think the lens is great. It is sturdy and well made. It also comes with a great price. It is only $31, and you can purchase it from Amazon. I recommend it alone for the macro capability, but it works decently for wide angle landscapes. Better yet, it works terrific for shooting Facetime videos.

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4 thoughts on “Gear Review: Aukey Ora Wide-Angle/Macro Lens”

  1. Thanks for the mention – keep crushing it!

    • Jay

      Thanks, Sean! You too!

  2. Charity

    I just bought this from Amazon after your recommendation. Luckily for me I save half price on lighting deal. Excited to use it

    • admin

      That’s great! Be sure to share some of the images!

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